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Three hours, a chance to imagine the future


Three hours, a chance to imagine the future


 written by Jin Ok, Kim(Education Team)

Translated by Amy Kyoungmi Yoo


On Saturday, 1 April, a forum titled <Youngsters Imagine The Future> was held at 999 club of Haja Center as part of Seoul’s ‘Day-off Saturday Program EXPO’. People who opened up their own careers were invited to the forum and they shared their real stories with the youngsters so that the youngsters can have various imaginations about the future job and career. It was originally estimated to have around 100 participants, but it flourished with more young particiants than expected, as many as around 200.


The forum was divided into three story sessions based on the point where the speakers discovered and found their ‘jobs’. The first session was with those who tried to solve social issues in their own ways, Kim Ka-young, CEO of Jirisan Eco-friendly Distribution and Lee Kyoung-jae, CEO of Sewing for the Earth Inc.. The second session was with people who just thrust into the job without awareness but successfully broke fresh ground, Park Jeong-kyu of Bicycle Craft Shop of Haja Center and Kim Eun-ji, Director of Picnic Cat Inc.. For the last session, those who transformed their various interests into jobs, Cheon Jae-bak, manager of planning department in Ssamzie Inc. and Choi Seung-jun, a media artist as well as CEO of Hanmi Kindergarten, were invited.

The speakers prepared their own stories in seven-minute presentation with 15 page slide-show and the response to their brief and impressive stories were very positive among the participants. Furthermore, by borrowing a form of music salon with stories and music instead of a form of very formal lecture, the forum tried to deliver messages to the youngsters in an emotional manner. After every session, a junior band ‘Yujacheong‘ of Yuyujajeok Salon Inc. dedicated a song related to the topic of the session to the forum, which made the forum more diverse as well as helped the stories of the speakers, who found their jobs from their thought, be delivered friendly to the young participants.

This forum on day-off Saturday program provided a great opportunity to identify the earnest and strong demand from the education field on meetings between professionals and students who have their own concerns. Original expectation on the number of participants was just around 100, but despite the short application period, phone calls from schools were flooding, more than 150 online applications were registered, and even on the day, around 50 field applications were received. As a result, the 999 club was full with total 200 of young students, college students and adults. At a time when ’5 days a week’ school system has been put in place, it seems timely to check whether the demand of the field is actually the consumption of ‘time-wasting’ programs and to think of how the public space outside school can absorb the actual demand. Lectures by renowned people may give a negative perception to the youngsters that only some special people can find their own ways. On the contrary, during this forum, the stories from the young pioneers who have struggled to develop there own fields could form a better bond of sympathy with the young participants and be communicated with them more effectively. In other words, through this forum, it was proven that those true stories are more effective to inspire the youngsters to be more passionate and be more brave toward challenges.

Video clip https://vimeo.com/41132300

Kim Ka-young, https://vimeo.com/41132327

Lee Kyoung-jae, https://vimeo.com/41135335

Park Jeong-kyu, https://vimeo.com/41132361

Kim Eun-ji, https://vimeo.com/41132343

Cheon Jae-bak, https://vimeo.com/41132386

Choi Seung-jun, https://vimeo.com/41132397



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