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2012 Seoul Youth Creativity Summit ‘ Environment for self-reliance, technology for self-support’


written by Hiiocks (principal of haja production school)

translated by Amy Kyoungmi Yoo

Recently, regional communities and the youth have been in the spotlight as alternative main bodies to cope with the current social issues. The youth, who are facing growing unemployment rate, increase of non-regular employment and aggravation of poverty resulted from destruction of social safety net and collapse of community, resist becoming recipient of public fund support and instead, start finding ways to solve their own problems such as residence, school fees and jobs, by themselves. Also the regional communities, which are suffering destruction of community, aging, becoming hollow and falloff of a sense of belonging, explore various ways for breakthrough, such as regional currency, cooperative association, town company, based on eco friendly technologies, such as alternative energy and appropriated technology.

Since the opening, Haja Center has provided the youth and others with plans and supports for founding of a business and career planning and last year, started experimental activities for establishment of community business network, such as community market including Yeongdeungpo Dalsijang(Moon Market), cafe and workshop. Taking these as a basis, 2012 Seoul Youth Creativity Summit is planned as an opportunity to find various solutions to make our society sustainable focusing on self-reliance of the youth and self-support of regional communities.

The concept of this summit is from ‘Ja-kong-kong(自共公)’, the event of Haja Center which has been held twice already. ‘Ja-kong-kong’ is a combination of three words: ‘Ja’ is from ‘Jajo(自助)’, self-help. The 1st ‘kong’ is from ‘kongjo(共助)’, mutual assistance. The 2nd ‘kong’ is from another ‘kongjo(公助)’, public help. Therefore, it means ‘a platform where people help themselves, help each other and finally build a new public platform’. Under this catch phrase, 2012 Seoul Youth Creativity Summit will be a chance to look for sustainable ecosystem with appropriate technology for the environment, close economy with neighbors and mutual benefits among all members of the society. In addition to the main forum, there will be various events, such as workshop to learn theory and technology of appropriate technology, special session for teenagers and the youth conference.

Fujimura Yasuyuki, a Japanese inventor famous for his book <Unplug and save the earth>, Ada Wong, social activist, lawyer and head of HongKong Culture Center from HongKong who has led creativity education, social innovation, cultural support, Cho Han Hyejeong, the founder of Haja Center and cultural anthropologist are the members of mentor group of 2012 Seoul Youth Creativity Summit. Masters’ group which has spread appropriate technology all around the country including Busan, Jangheung, Bonghwa and Wanju also participates the event.


◦When : 25th ~ 27th September, 2012)

◦Where : Haja Center Main building and New building

◦Who : Activists, citizens, students, anyone who are interested in social economy project such as community business, the youth’s business founding

◦What : Main forum, the youth conference, workshop on appropriate technology and alternative energy, special session for teenager, etc.

◦Sponsored by : Seoul

◦Organized by : Haja Center


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