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2012’s Dalsijang, a moonlight market, opened as brightly as day!



2012’s Dalsijang, a moonlight market,

opened as brightly as day!


written by Jung Boram(Boram, Bangmuldan)

translated by Amy Kyoungmi Yoo


In the evening on 25th May, a town festival took place in the front yard of Haja Center, which was the 1st Dalsijang of 2012. It seems that a while of break invited more people to the party. More citizens, writers and social entrepreneurs than last year visited the festival, enriching the event.


2012’s Dalsijang tried to maintain the strengths of 2011’s one as well as to make new attempts, and one of the attempts was using an alternative currency, Byultonghwa(Star Coin). Unfortunately, it has been a while since money, which was once just a means of exchange, became a monster eating into all values and relationship of people. However, in the Dalsijang of Haja Center where members of the local community come together and set up their relationship, it was trust, not money, that was traded among people. This unfamiliar and even uncomfortable attempt was to demonstrate fresh new ideas for economy and exchange method and to recover ourselves out of the shadow of money. As a good start, around 60 people, much greater than expected at 30, newly joined the Byultonghwa in May and hopefully someday after many times of Dalsijang are held, Byultonghwa may become a common alternative currency around Yeongdeungpo area.

 Daldio, a sweet radio show of Dalsijang, signaled the start of 2012’s Dalsijang and was hosted DJ Kookie(Juk-hi Kim) who is doing a great job as DJ at Seogwipo Art Market. The Daldio is a new communication channel of Dalsijang. Please send stories of yours about Dalsijang to the Daldio. Small presents are to be given away to those who share their stories.

A nationwide network of alternative market, Byulsijang, also made its move. Five alternative markets around the country are building a network, supporting each other and expanding the potential of alternative market. During the Dalsijang this May, it was good to look many sellers from various regions gathered around probably thanks to more variety of attractions and goods, close connection among market planners and plenty of topics for conversation. How would this interesting network develop? As stars make constellation together, working together with markets around the world is going to be of great fun!

In May, the Dalsijang was full of total 77 booths including social enterprises, local flea market, organic market, Byulsijang, foodcourt and workshop and each booth was busy with many residents of Yeongdeungpo area. At the Byulsijang blog interview, ChoHan said: “I hope people consider market not only as a place where they sell and buy products, but also a place where they can meet people and even some can play music. As a place where people enjoy being there! You can have a fun and meet various people there.” Rather than hiding behind money under anonymity, the Dalsijang is going to be a space where people meet each other and their neighbors.

In June, Dalsijang started to pay attention to eco-friendliness. A large amount of garbage left in the front yard of Haja Center after the joyful Dalsijang of May sounded the alarm so in June, the Dalsijang challenged ‘garbage-zero’ in order to come up to expectations from its name, ‘eco-friendly’ Dalsijang. Tumblers and eco-bags were great substitutes for disposables and those who forgot to bring tumbler could borrow cups from social enterprise BringYourCup. Donation of unused cups was also held and to the first 100 donators, Dalsijang eco-bags were given away. By bearing these small inconveniences, the Dalsijang became more plentiful and cleaner.

I hope we all continue to endure some inconveniences and act together as in the above and as a reault make Dalsijang as well as the local community more flourishing. In July, the Dalsijang does not open and instead, prepares for April while looking back on May and June. Please look forward to Dalsijang of April, which will be full of energy and with more variety.

Dalsijang website: www.dalsijang.kr

Byulsijang interview: http://byulsijang.org/xe/index.php?document_srl=213&mid=coverstory


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