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A Day showed a good possibility of Saturday School


A Day showed a good possibility of Saturday School

Written by Baek-ah (Jeong, Daoon) from Education Team

Translated by YeonJu, Choi


On the 10th of Mar, C-Plat Open Class was opened.  Six workshops were followed after a Book concert.

C-Plat doesn’t aim at cramming knowledge or developing individual talents.  Rather the Program is aiming at a learning community where students learn things around themselves either be relations, resource, and space, etc and how to cooperate and communicate. The process can be somewhat complicated, cumbersome and sometimes it even leads to raising voices or being at a loss.  However, by going through such process, we believe that teenagers can afford to think about society they want to live in, roles they want to play of.  ‘Teenager Saturday School C-Plat’ is the place made to that end.  The event was planned to introduce this new type of learning community and also make participants to experience 6-week long intensive Social Class.

Let me report you on how the day was, for start, the day was filled with zeal from teenagers.


Book Concert <This is what Study is>

The first Open Class of Year 2012 was Book Concert <This is what Study is (written by Lee Han>, co-prepared by publisher Mindeullae.   It was more like an introduction to help audiences understand purpose of C-Plat.  The concert taught us why and how to study and how to make happy world to live in by studying the world and people who lives in that world.  There were many discussions among curious participants ranging from elementary school students who came with parents,  middle and high school students, teachers, and education planners on what to study and how.

Workshops: Thinking outside the box, reading culture and trouble-shooting

There were 6 workshops after the Book Concert.  Students reflect on themselves and daily life and awoke untapped senses through diverse means such as music, design and writing.

Participants for ‘Young Change Maker Preview’ Workshop, formed teams and each team was given a task to analyze solutions available for missions (chose one out UN Millennium Development Goals). Then, they tried delivering the solution in what form of message to whom.

At ‘Like Peneloppe who has picked up a shredded book’, we discussed mighty of pen and the importance of practice in writing by starting from jotting down a word.

Participants at ‘Music Scramble’ created new music by changing a chord or rhythm of established song and put the lyrics depicting one’s own story.

Workshop ‘This is not just a photo’ was well received by  students at Special Purpose High School’s summer vacation and a group of teenagers at the workshop formed a sentence they want to express and took photos of spaces and objects within the space to make the sentence.

Teenagers practiced how to express one’s own life and communicate by looking at lives of others without being under pressure of drawing good painting using masking tape, watercolors and pastels etc at workshop ‘Art is screw driver and hammer!’

Young Change Maker, Like Penneloppe and Art is… will be available in Social Class as well starting from 17th of Mar.  4:20 who planned ‘This is not just a photo’ has another Program named ‘Reading Cities: Project Code Name K’ as Social Class.

Next : May 12th (Sat)

Once the first class of 6-week Social Class is finished (Mar 17 ~ Apr 21). There will be Open Class on 12th of May.  It will be another opportunity for you to experience all of those and also other talk concerts and workshops Haja Center offers.  The registration starts from the 4th week of Apr. Don’t miss the registration.



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