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A Fresh New Start of Haja Creative Hub!!


A Fresh New Start of Haja Creative Hub!!

Mette Nørnberg Pedersen(Hub team)

(Translated by)  Amy Kyoungmi Yoo

Haja Creative Hub, which was launched as a place for work, play and life of creative networkers on December 18th, 2010, with the opening ceremony at the new building of haja Center, is putting its happy imaginations into practice this spring.

Haja Creative Hub is a place for those who are willing to listen to what the world asks for and to make changes to the world to cooperate with each other in a creative and dynamic manner. To do so, the Hub provides physical space and educational platform to help people with dream, hope and idea to turn their imaginations into reality. It values diversity, helps create sustainable life and pursues meaningful life as well as the fun of it!

1. Haja Creative Hub Workspace

In order to be creative, one needs to focus on him/herself, get inspiration from the outside and meet new people so haja Creative Hub lends its workspace to people or teams who are in need of space for work and network. As part of this, a project support program, called ‘Project Crisp’, starts in March and with this program, three teams will receive financial support for the project from seed:s and support for workspace and overall support from haja Creative Hub. Graphic designer of Hub is working on visual identity for the program.

2. Haja Hub Academy

One of the big projects this year is surely Hub Academy. Hub Academy is a three-month creative project leadership program for twenties who have enthusiasm in creating new ideas and learning social entrepreneurship. Under the program, a group of 15 to 20 young students make their fresh start as a team this spring to plan a project that will lead to positive changes to the world.

Through this program, students can achieve their own growth as well as a strong ‘tool box’ that helps study and design a dynamic project plan. While applying what they have learned from lectures and workshops into their work, they may enter to a new phase of learning where theory and experience in reality get connected. However, in order to produce new and actual influence, they need to understand their capabilities and skills and also need to believe the power of cooperation, realizing the importance of their drawing a bigger picture.

At the end of the program, they may find their enthusiasm and the fun of what they are doing and that is the goal of this program. We also expect that fun will lead them to act.

Haja Hub Academy pursues team-based learning while focusing on individual growth. Students will learn through continuous concentration on social responsibility and sustainability as well as team activity, called ‘activity-based learning’. Application for haja Hub Academy is available from March to April and the actual program will take place from 1st May to 31st July.

3. Haja Hub Consultancy

Haja Hub Consultancy Group is learning how creative process can change working environment, cooperation and final results.

4. Haja Hub Events

Haja Creative Hub is planning various events. Another big project topic this year is urban farming so there will be several events for this. The first event is to be ‘Window Gardening Project’ which will be held in March, and also ‘Bicycle Holder Project’ is soon to be carried out since its design is almost completed.

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Or you can send an e-mail to mette@haja.or.kr or fallenisland@haja.or.kr

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