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Haja Center, established at 18th of December, 1999, has been operated by Yonsei University as Seoul Metropolitan Government entrusted. Its official title is ‘Seoul Youth Factory for Alternative Culture’. Haja Center is a byname for “Upgrade our life,” “Do what we want while doing what we must,” ” Discipline of autonomy and symbiosis”.

The main idea for Haja Center was based on various problems in our society in the context of the Asian financial crisis in 1998. Every generation suffered various crisises, Seoul Metropolitan Government and Yonsei University focused on the way how teenagers can live, practicing social sharing without losing vitality in the risk society of low growth and high unemployment where they will spend their twenties and thirties. Put our heads together, we have opened Haja Center as Government-People-Academic-Industrial cooperation.

In early days, we were seeking mutual improvement by making creative help, carrying out various apprentice education with artists in various fields, young planners and teenagers, operating five studios of web, film, music, design, civil workshop. Based on those foundation and experience, we have establised Haja Production School in 2001. Noridan and Organization Yori, both started as venture incubating project, received governmental certification of social enterprise in 2006 and 2008. Also, creativity program lineups provide services for general teenagers.

13 years has passed since establishment, Haja Center is now providing career design for teenagers, support of community business including social enterprises for young adults and middle-aged to create sustainable employment. Now, Haja Center is consist of five alternative schools, several programs for teenagers, nine certified social enterprises in the field of art and culture.  As a result, Haja Center becomes a village of dreaming sustainable life where people from various generations learn with creativity, live on doing things that are helpful to the earth. They are doing interesting activities to live better life in Haja Village, establishing invisible, as well as visible village.



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