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C-plat, Youth Saturday School, launch in March


C-plat, Youth Saturday School, launch in March


Hye Ryeong, Jang(Education Team)

(Translated by) Yeon Ju, Choi

Starting March, Saturday at Haja Center becomes special as C-plat, Youth Saturday School, an ambitious initiative will come into place to meet the needs from society seeking for innovation and in line with introduction of ‘5-schoolday a week’.

The School registration starts soon, let’s see how the School programs are made. It is composed of two types of classes – Social Class aims at main Saturday School with 6 courses and Open Class for those who want to participate in one-time class.

The Social Class starts four times a year. Basically the purpose of the Class is to help teenagers to identify interface between “I” and society and to explore and express it. The Class lasts 6 weeks, starting with lecture for all the students and finishing with showcases of the 6-week work. Then, it will be followed by support for voluntary team project.

There are five programs – reading cities with “4:20 (Cultural work)”, Creative writing with literature critique Joonseok Park, Young Change Maker Workshop presented by Haja Center, and Communication Workshop through arts of Joshua Namu (Social Enterprise).  Teenager Changemaker will be born after the programs by visiting nooks and cranny of city, mulling over and making alternative foods, publishing one’s own books and generating changes through acting.  Target students is teenager aged between 15 and 19 (flexible depending on programs). The registration will start from the end of Feb through Archive Haja and the school starts from 10th of March.

Open Class is built on Center’s previous programs such as C-Cube (Creative camp) and Career Week (Career design camp).  Participants will experience one workshop out of diverse and creative workshops (2~3hrs) developed by liberal arts scholar, Social Corporate Organization, Cultural workers, etc.  The participants can experience what creative workshops are through these Open Class.

There are 7 teams for this first Open Class. Workshops to demonstrate creativity of all will be arranged by Noridan (Social Coporate organization), Yooyoojajeock Salon, Joshua Namu and 4:20 (Cultural worker team). Pilot workshop for participants to taste Social Class is to be run by Literature Critique Joonseok Park and Minkyong Chang (Mio) from Center Planning Team. Plus, Book Concert is also in order along with Mindlele which have been engaged in alternative education exploration.  Teenagers between 17 and 19 can make registration from the Archive and the course will be launched from the 17th of March.

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