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Cheering for Winter of Nineteen-Year-Old Adolescents

 Cheering for Winter of Nineteen-Year-Old Adolescents


written by education team

translated by Hayan, Jeon


The education team of Haja Center started a big project ending 2012 from November 17th. ‘2012 Not to Be Frustrated But to Be Hopeful Project’ is for those who took the university entrance exam and teenagers who will not go to universities. Under the project, diverse programs are prepared for those who will be freshmen of universities, prepare for the next year’s exam, or work after this winter and teenagers who are concerned about their future. The programs for saving adolescents’ distress are ‘Hope Talk – Nineteen, That’s Okay’ providing celebrities’ lectures and indie bands’ performance, ‘My Life’s Spring Camp – Boys Meet Youths’ that teenagers meet youths who create and work for social enterprises or ventures,’ ‘Life and Design Studio’ that participants learn carpentry for their living in Haja Hub Recycle Design Studio, etc.

The first ‘Hope Talk – Nineteen, That’s Okay’ was held from 2 to 5 pm in 999 Hall, the main building of Haja Center, on November 17th. Jinmo Lim, a pop music critic, gave a lecture, and Mary Story, a great indie band which had appeared in TOP Band, a TV program, performed. Participants asked ‘what success is’ and Mr. Lim answered as follows. “Success must be from achievement in line with ‘happiness,’ a subjective value, and especially happiness is sound when it is evenly felt from self, work, and family.” And to the question “what teenagers can do for being successful fast?” he said that boys’ getting a pass and success in twenties are the most dangerous and they should be vigilant about the cases and twenties and thirties should be the ages that people go through trials and errors to challenge and failure. He also told frustration and failure hidden behind lives of musicians such as the Beatles and Psy who looked glossy and his story that he overcame his difficulties of a dark adolescence with music so many teenagers could listen to hopeful messages. On November 24th, Won Kim, a publisher of <PAPER>, a monthly magazine, and art direct, Kwon Wooyoo and the Greatest Voyage joined and on December 1st, dancer Eunmi Ahn and Romantic Punch joined.

 ‘My Life’s Spring Camp – Boys Meet Youths’ held for three days from November 26th to 28th was the program that teenagers participated with youth mentors who found alternative careers like its title. Participants being divided into four teams listened to lectures given by mentors pursuing social values while working such as the lawyer Miyeon Lee who opened ‘Town Lawyers’ Café’ without the threshold and the activist Jeun Jeon working for SaengSaeng Agriculture Distribution thinking about how to save cities and agricultural areas at the same time and participated in filed workshops, meeting people from youth social enterprises and ventures which are receiving attention these days, including Youth Merchants, Motive House, Jogakbo, Play Planet, etc.

Life and Design Studio had been held for the third grade high school students who took the university entrance exam every Thursday from November 15th to December 6th on Recycle Design Studio of Haja Hub. Under this program, issues of ‘how to live,’ not issues of learning, are learned and shared through physical activities, workshops, and lectures. Participants collected pallets thrown in Yeoungdeungpo to make tables necessary for living, learned carpentry skills, and experienced recycling. It was the time for students who were exhausted due to too much study to build up their bodies through diverse physical activities cutting out materials, extracting nails, assembling, and painting and share their concerns about ‘living together’ by cooperating with friends.

In December, ‘Growth Workshop with Hyu Café – One Step Further to the World’ will be held together with Town N Library in Eunpyeong-gu and ManManHan Café in Dongdaemoon-gu among Hyu Cafes in each district designated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government in last September. This program will provide an opportunity for adolescents who will not go to universities in Eunpyeong-gu to interview experts in person and experience diverse jobs in the district and in Dongdaemoon-gu, the lecture program of human studies targeting those who will not go to universities will be held for seven weeks.

Haja Center will continuously provide diverse programs for adolescents in late teens who have concerns about their uncertain future through this ‘2012 Not to Be Frustrated But to Be Hopeful Project’ and especially to help those who decided not to go to universities design their careers, the center will make efforts to found urban-type alternative schools, provide programs for them to return to society and internship programs, conduct projects for supporting business creation and employment, build communities for teenagers outside of schools, etc.

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