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Collected ideas boost the Social Economy


Collected ideas boost the Social Economy


translated by Yeon Ju, Choi

Haja Center, Social Solidarity Bank, the Seeds, Sesnet, Hope Insitute, and the Hamkke Organization are cooperating with one another ‘to boost Social Economy Initiative by City Seoul.’  A case in point is ‘Economy together with Many – 2012 Seoul Social Economy Idea Contest’ from last September to March 2012.  Please propose your ideas to resolve our neighborhood issues you run into in your daily lives in www.wokiseoul.com, an open platform until 18th of November.  Your ideas met with diverse opinions of experts and netizeons will evolved into a collateral intelligence, thereby resulting in new model or business to resolve City’s issues and revive the Social Economy.

During the Contest, there is open conference WikiTalk@ where Seoulites come and take lectures and propose your own ideas.  There are eight big topics – living space, education, work place, science and technology, eco-life, sharing, civil culture arts, caring at four WikiTalk@ conferences.  22nd of Sep, there was the first conference under the theme of living space and education on the 4th floor of Haja Center New bldg.  Seoul City Mayor Won-Soon Park, and Hope Village Network Director Ho-Geun Yoo, came to the event for the speaker on the Living Space and Anthropology Profession Hye-Jeong Jo Han at Yonsei University and Kyeong-ok Kim from Mindeulle spoke on Education.  It was followed by table dialogue with citizens on related issues and solutions.  Heated debate took place. If you want to know more about the debate, please visit www.wokiseoul.com

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