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Dalsijang, Memory in June


Dalsijang, Memory in June


written by Boram Jeong (Boram, Bangmooldan)

translated by Hayan, Jeon

Dalsijang (Moon market) in June was held under the name of ‘eco market.’ From the time when the market opened last year, it pursued being ‘eco-friendly.’ Organizers have recommended people to use a personal tumbler and shopping bag. However, lots of waste was created because the market is the place where many people come. Then, after Dalsisang held in May this year, organizers started to be really concerned about environment including waste and discuss specific measures and finally, decided to use the word ‘eco.’  

Organizers tried many things not to make using the word ‘eco’ absurd. For example, they strived to create an eco-friendly market and share environmental issues with residents. Cold drinks were offered to those who came with tumblers and some people donated cups not used at their home for others to use in the market. Customers who forgot to bring cups could borrow tumblers from ‘Bring Your Cup,’ a social enterprise. People borrowed cups and washed used cups by themselves. Probably, they felt a little inconvenient but it was a good time for them to think about disposables easily used and thrown away without thinking. Some mothers also liked the concept because the market was a good venue for their children to learn about environment. It warmed our hearts that cute kids washed the cups that they borrowed from ‘Bring Your Cup’ to use by themselves and returned.

More and more people use ‘Start Currency,’ the currency of town which has been used since May. Now, the number of users became 148. An artist of marbling craft joining the ‘Start Shop’ this month became rich in stars. It is good to think about how to use stars but it is a start of ‘Star Currency’ to ponder about how to earn stars, that is, how to contribute to the market or to the network of the market. The artist with lots of stars made participants of the market happy with the talent. Then, what can you and I make with stars?   

Some people would like to have used ‘Star Currency’ in other places, not only in Dalsijang. Their wishes were realized. In July, ‘Star Shop’ opened in ‘Joongjeong,’ an open space in the first floor of Haja Center. It is an unmanned store where both ‘Star Currency’ and cash can be used. Anyone can sell their products. Each person can bring, display, and sell their products in this ‘Start Shop.’ The first seller was Yeoju who had participated in the Haja Hub Summer School. She succeeded in selling pretty many products. The next seller is Summer of Young Chef. She will be also a successful seller, following Yeoju. ‘Star Shop’ is always open to everyone. Who will be the next seller? Please bring objects that you do not use any more but useful. We will wait for your participation.


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