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Haja Hub Café, where stories of diverse communities are shared.


Haja Hub Café, where stories of diverse communities are shared.

written by Hanna Lee (Gona, Hub Team)

translated by YeonJu, Choi


New café opened on the 1ST fl of new Haja Hub Bldg after one month of makeover from Aug.  Once you put one step in, delicious scent and coffee aroma happily trickle your nose.  This place is run by 6 different communities from Tuesday to Sunday.

Tues: ‘SOM’ pre-solidarity group for creation work by women

Wed: ‘Kids Eokkedongmu (meaning put your arms around others’ shoulder)’ peace education and cultural activities for children.

Thu: ‘Daldal Studio’ Community for freelancer visualization-related work.

Fri: ‘Red Ppeondaegi (meaning pupa)’ female art group

Sat: ‘Soonhan Café (meaning mild café)’ youth group to think about sustainability through food circulation.

Sun: ‘Bawoo Moon (meaning Bawoo Door)’ learning space where independence and co-existence are explored.

Haja Hub promotes collaboration via diverse activities, small group workshop, and exchange activities using food as a means and support communities which try to create new life model.  October, at the door of autumn, come to the Hub Café and meet communities which are creating a space of friendship and hospitality.

www. Facebook.com/HAJAHUBCAFE

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