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New Year’s Greeting from Haja Hub

New Year’s Greeting from Haja Hub

written by herb team

translated by Amy Kyoungmi Yoo

On 12th December, 2012, the last meeting of <1st Jagonggong Academy : Society and space curator school> was held in the workroom 203 of the Haja Hub new building. Firstly in the meeting, ‘Seoul Youth Job Hub’, which will be open in 2013 and will be jointly run by Haja Center and Yonsei University, was introduced. Then, the participants shared their feelings and thoughts about the academy and information about projects and events, looking back the seven week journey.

The academy started on 31st October under the theme of ‘Cooperation between the government and the people, communication and understanding: case study on support for regional communities ‘. Around 30 to 40 participants were gathered each meeting to discuss how to make the space energetic and sustainable and also they thought about how to recover friendship and relationship and how to inspire people’s energy and wisdom against the world where the stronger prey upon the weaker. Chohan(professor of cultural anthropology in Yonsei University, founder of Haja Center) said at the last meeting that it was a chance to think of how to be courageous.

Jagonggong Academy will continue next year. While this year’s academy was to look through various stories and actual players under the broad theme, ‘society and space curating’, the next year’s one will enable more active exploration for education based on this year’s experiment. It is expected that many Haja people will join to learn together ways to build a new society at the time of indifference and isolation.

Now Haja Hub is expecting people who will work together through various channels to join. Hub membership will make it easier for you to use Haja facilities and meet Haja people. Those who work with Jagonggong(自助-‘Jajo’; self-help, 共助-‘Gongjo’;mutual assistance, 公助-‘Gongjo’;public help) philosophy , who help yourself, help each other and further help the community, can apply for allotment of an office in the building, and the community cafe on the 1st floor and exhibition space on the 2nd floor are also open for people who have the same spirit. Welcome anyone who is interested! Please pay a visit to Haja Hub. :)

Haja Hub Facebook

Jagonggong Academy Website

Information about 2013 Hub Support Project Contest


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