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Plan B, the red carpet for those who look for their own ways


Plan B, the red carpet for those who look for their own ways

Written by Tina(Jimin, Lee) from Education Team

Translated by Amy Kyoungmi Yoo

‘Plan B_Various Imaginations for Life’, which was conducted on every Saturday for three weeks from 18th February, came to an end. The main theme of the project was to help the youth who look for a direction for the future and it provided them with a chance to meet people who refuse to choose a so-called ‘Plan A’ life and instead, lead creative lives while maintaining their own standards and philosophies. Talking with these people, the teenagers could experience various spectra of life and also share concerns and thoughts on their own lives. If you miss the opportunity participating in the project, which was full of marvelous ideas and activities, such as Life Design Workshop, Career Talk and Hope Talk, here is the review by Tina for you.

Around 300 young boys and girls joined in the project, ‘Plan B_Various Imaginations for Life’. They took part in Life Design Workshop(Creativity Workshop, Economy Workshop), Career Talk listening to stories from seniors in a form of ‘living library’ and Hope Talk sharing their sincere considerations on future career through Q&A session with speakers who lead unconventional lives.

> Video clip(trailer): http://vimeo.com/38084002


Part 1. Life Design Workshop

Life Design Workshop not only listed up what are necessary in life but also reminded the participants of what actually compose our lives. Two types of workshops, Creativity Workshop and Economy Workshop, were held with 50 participants each. In the Creativity Workshop, they tried designing their own lives by asking creative questions to rediscover the value of our everyday lives and in the Economy Workshop, they rethought about the value and the meaning of money, which is thought to be the most important component of life.


[Creativity Workshop_Starting point of creative life is questioning.]

When you feel heavy with worries about entry to a college or about future career, a clue to make up your thought and mind is asking questions to yourself. What you can get depends on what you ask. This is the lesson from this workshop. While learning of exemplary questions that lead to a creative life and practicing inventing new questions, participants tried connecting the creative questions with their own lives and also came up with questions which would help design their lives in 2012.


[Economy Workshop_Rethink about the value of money.]

Economy workshop originated from one question: why do many people say ‘money’ is the most important component of life? This workshop provided a chance to rethink of the meaning and the value of money as well as to rediscover the economic values through lectures and discussions on how to earn and manage money and how to lead a happy life with the money.

> Video clip : http://vimeo.com/37297988


Part 2. Career Talk _ Human book talks about life and career.

Career Talk was a ‘Living Library’ program where human books, or mentors, who overcame the barriers, such as low education level, social convention and adverse conditions, and lead creative lives by establishing their own standards and philosophies of life, met 80 youngsters who stood at a crossroads of life and they had a in-depth conversation with each other about life and career.

Youngsters also had quality-time sharing their own life stories in earnest, opening their lingering questions and worries and trying to find answers for them, while talking with the human books.


※Living library is a new concept ‘event library’ invented by a Danish social activist Ronni Abergel in 2000. The purpose of this event is to reduce stereotypes, which are due to lack of understanding, by providing people with chances to meet, talk to and communicate with each other. A group of people who are invited as ‘human book’ and another group of people, ‘readers’, who want to talk meet and talk to each other in a fixed space for a certain period of time as if they borrow a book from the library.

> Video clip : http://vimeo.com/38076666


Part 3. Hope Talk _ The young dream of a different life

Hope Talk was a talk-concert where speakers who lead unconventional lives told their stories and shared their ideas about career. The first speaker was Ansoo, Lee who runs a guesthouse ‘mot!f#1′. He told stories of travelers from different countries and spoke about various values and standards of life. Junhyeok, Kim, who was the next speaker, said that he used to be a so-called troublemaker, but after joining to ‘Pum’, a cultural community for the youth, he came to learn about literae humaniores and realized that there are values of life which are more important than going to university. Last but not least, Minji, Kim also shared her stories. She was just a ordinary high-school student, but one day she came to seriously think about her future career and ended up dropping out of school. While frankly speaking of her difficult situations and worries in the past, she also said she still looks for the answer but keeps trying to move forward. After their speeches, there was a Q&A session where participants asked straight questions and speakers gave them forward answers and through this session, both could take a step forward to the better understanding about life and career.

> Speech video clip:

Ansoo, Lee http://vimeo.com/38081048

Junheyok, Kim http://vimeo.com/38081106

Minji, Kim http://vimeo.com/38081118


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