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Sketch of ‘Creativity Festa for Children’ where Artists and children met together

Sketch of ‘Creativity Festa for Children’ where Artists and children met together


written by Raon (Education Team)

translatedy by YeonJu, Choi

‘Creativity Festa for Children’, a workshop for creative learning and activities of children, was held on 21, September. It was a place of sharing experiences and talent with children for artists and social entrepreneurs as well as a place of developing sense of imagination and creativity for children.

Before the festa, one week from 15, September, creative education experts were invited from abroad for showcases for mime workshop ‘Following the movement” and creative workshop ” Let’s play, City”. Children

performed on the stage what they practiced while lecturers were watching them playing with joy.

In the mime workshop prepared by professional mime artists, Jeff Glassman and Lisa Fay, children staged a creative play about various aspects of life with small and simple moves and in ‘Let’s play, City’ directed by Jamie Bruno, the young participants created new inventions by adding ideas to discarded goods, while looking for alternatives that they can practice within the city life.

On top of the showcases of pre-workshops, there were various workshops held on the festa day as well. In particular, four workshops that offered chances to absorb visitors into creative activities attracted people’s attention. ‘Story workshop’ by ‘Book play by storyteller’, a social enterprise, was a storytelling workshop for all where participants could come up with their own stories using various method such as mosaic, woolen yarn, painting or word board while picturing the later part of the said story.

Creative artist group ‘Angry dolphin’ prepared a creative workshop ‘Drawing with light’ where various types of light, such as laser and LED, left tracks and created a new form of drawing onto photos based on the theory that light is recorded onto photo. Body percussion workshop by Noridan, a well-known social enterprise in culture and art field, was well-received by expressing objects and animals through sound and moves of body. So Su-yeong, an doodler and junk artist, hosted ‘Do doodling’ by presenting and recognizing images or characters within the short time while drawing freely as if she was scribbling and .

There were ten workshops separately prepared where children who had not made pre-registration could participate. Thanks to this, children who visited ‘Yeongdeungpo Dalsijang’ held from 5 pm on the same day could enjoy making various and creative daily art goods, such as ball pen, accessory, finger-shape bookmark, band for mobile phone, necklace made from used magazines and ramen bags, cup holder, mini book and bracelet as well as LED desk lamp and aroma soap.

‘Creativity Festa for Children’, a place for developing creativity education for children as well as for introducing and experiencing various creative education contents, was planned as part of ‘Thinking green frog’, a joint creative talent fostering project by Haja Center and Amway Korea. ‘Thinking green frog’ is a comprehensive creativity education project to draw out knowledge, talent and characters from children. Please keep having interest in it.

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