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Thinking Tree Frog


Thinking Tree Frog


written by  Kim Seung-young (Raon, Education Team)

translated by Yeonju, Choi


Thinking Tree Frog, a three-year cultural outreaching program jointly organized by Armway Korea and Haja Center is in place.  Through the program, socially marginalized children can experience diverse creative cultural and arts activity.  Let’s find out more about the program with the aim of promoting kids cultural awareness and bring out kids untapped potential. 

Eagle doesn’t make the strong flapping from the start; it starts from small fluttering. Just like that, all those who change the world experienced intense life-long experience through which they can feel the pleasure of creation when they grew up.  To ensure the children to have such experience, 1H of this year, there are 7 creative programs open for 10 Child Welfare Institutions encompassing music, design, body movement, photos etc.  The target of 1H is to share pleasure of creative culture and arts with kids, check partnerships between the giving party and the receiving party and to seek ways forward.

The First program was kicked off on 14th of June inDongseoulChildWelfareCenter. Kids enjoyed the fun of music by making their own songs – wring songs, writing lyrics for songs, and recording.  They also had Half Air Half Sound program where kids can develop sense their arts sense.  Children had also time to build the spirit of teamwork by playing xylophones together and got to familiarized with recording equipment.  At first, they found it a little bit difficult to playing together by pay attention to sounds of others.  However, soon they lost themselves in playing together.  After the program one kids even expressed how proud they were now.

On the 15th of June, there was another program named building up creative thinking through doodling inCheongwoonChildWelfareCenter. Children found characteristics out of objects and make the drawing based on what they found.  The picture below is the character drawn by a kid after observing a chair.

The Thinking Tree Frog will be carried out in 10 Child Welfare Center in the 1H.



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