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What would be my future job? Job experiencing camp program for the youth, ‘Career Week’


What would be my future job? Job experiencing camp program for the youth, ‘Career Week’


written by Chung Da-un(Baek-ah, Education Team)

translated by Amy Kyoungmi Yoo


Career Week is an intensive job experiencing camp program held during the vacation every year, one of the projects prepared by Haja Center for the youth to explore and design their future. The week starts on 7th August and lasts till 10th of August, four days long. In particular this year, in addition to the existing popular vocational areas, movie·image, fashion·reusable design, cartoon·animation and performance planning, more areas pursuing public good, agriculture·circulation, fair travel, alternative food culture: slow food and eco·recycling: bicycle, are added, resulting in total 9 areas.


In this year’s Career Week, 15 to 20 participants will organize a team each area and will make a visit to working filed, meet mentors, hold workshops and perform team projects to have better understanding on real working field and think about their future seriously. Not only they visits the real workplace but also experts of each field will become their mentors and spend time together. I am looking forward to seeing the youth enjoy experiencing various jobs at sound studio, at designers’ workroom, at bicycle workshop, at farm and garden, at music concert hall and at restaurants.

For movie · image area, producers and image experts are to be mentors, while for eco·recycling: bicycle, owners of bicycle workshops and engineers, who are working on various cultural activities/projects related to bicycle, are to be the ones. Also planners from fair travel company Travelers’ MAP will be mentors for fail travel area. Writers and directors from ‘The Flower’, an culture, art and education research institute with rich experience in animation education are to do mentoring for cartoon·animation area.

As described above, 2012 Career Week will provide a chance to learn more realistic information about jobs by experiencing the real working field as well as listening to mentors so that the youth can have better and more comprehensive understanding on jobs and furthermore, can think about their dreams seriously again and move forward in designing their future. I hope through this Career Week, the participants can examine and understand themselves better, meet diverse learning resources/friends/mentors as well as perform self-questioning and practice.

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