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Yourth Creativity Camp C-Cube, Creativity initiated by Questions.


Yourth Creativity Camp C-Cube, Creativity initiated by Questions.


written by Hye-Ryeong Jang (Joon, Education Team)

translated by Yeon Ju, Choi

This year marks 4th year anniversary of the Creativity Camp.  This year C-Cube was for 150 students from Vocational High Schools in Seoul (31st of Jul – 3rd of Aug) There has been quite a lot of changes made this year.  The workshop got one day longer after getting the feedback from last year participants.  In contents, Seung-Joon Choi, a Media Artist and expert in Teamwork workshop hosted Social Design Workshop open to all the students.

The theme of this year is creativity initiated by questions.  On Day 1, participants had meaningful time by placing stepping stones between their present and far away future or social issues they feel distance and haven’t really relate to.  On Day 2 and 3, 4 programs out of 10 were experienced.  On Day 4, all the participants share their leanings and lessons they have gained through the workshop per team at the showcase.

One thing quite unique about this camp is each and every aspect of 27 vonlunteers, young volunteers.  90% (24/27 person) of them attended either last year camp (12) or other types of Haja Center Programs (12 person).  Students who once attended the camp a year or two years ago or diverse programs the Center opens are back now as a college student.  It was very impressive and moving to see all those who once involved in the Center programs as teenagers are back to share their experiences with the participants.  I believe that it is these 20-year-olds who completed the camp identity of joint creativity and collaboration. 

Our Creativity not My creativity and Our issues not My issues are major factors that define our camp’s characteristics. 

As a matter of fact, it is not easy for high school students who have been bent on to getting into college day in and out to mull over such thoughts, in just four day workshop.  However, it is why the camp bears more meaning as participants can experience what is like to confront challenges or difficulties instead of bypassing them and to make ideas not just interesting but new as well.

Social Design Workshop lasted for 5 long hours. Two hours in the morning was spent for participants of 20 teams of 6~7 person to practice how to put stepping stones between now and future and three hours in the afternoon was to discuss what are the social reasons and obstacles which gave birth to issues of each individual.  Through this discussion, we expect that many students were able to make one step outside their comfort usual zone.  The Lecturer Mr Choi is Media Artist and was a mentor who leads vocational experience camp in IT.  He is creating new types of workshops combining media atKookminUniversity.

During the next two days, each team took 4 programs out of 9.  The workshop is made of media based workshops, music creation workshops, image and design workshops, forum and play workshops, etc.

On the last day, we held showcase, Show Ha Ja (Let’s do the show), where all are gathered to share their experience of the event.  We had talked what I can do to make small changes in our society based on the stepping stone discussion during the Social Design Workshop.


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