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Zeit Education Forum 6: Fukusima Nuclear Power Plant Disaster and Dignity of Life


written by Hiiocks (principal of haja production school)

translated by Yeon Ju, Choi


We had 6th Zeit Education Forum at 999 Club, Haja Center Main Building, 3 pm, 23rd of Sep and had a chance to hear about rights of evacuation from Mr Shirai who are struggling as a severely disabled person living in Fukushima.


Nuclear energy, a culmination of fire civilization.  Modern day people living on the energy.

Nuclear power now became foundation of modern day civilization and essence of human civilization. So it is not too much to say that nuclear power is we, human.

However, this evolved fire is now threatening not only human but also destiny of the earth.  After, horrifying disasters, – Three mile, Chernoville, and Fukusima disasters, finally people began to awaken from an illusion that we can ‘Use’ fire.

Inextinguishable fire, nuclear energy is now beyond human scale.  Now we need to depart from ourselves.

Have you ever heard about rights of evacuation? Let’s mull it over. (it was also once the topic of previous forum.) Many residents in Fukusima wanted to run away from the affected area.  However, after brief refugee period, they had no where to go and no means to resort to. Therefore, they were forced to choose to return to Fukusima. However, once their home and hometown is now nothing like their sweet home.  Also it’s not possible to uproot and remove the plant from Fukusima. 

Fukusima is now an epicenter of radioactive pollution.  We need to help them to leave from the affected area. They are entitled to it.  We have lived comfortably and conveniently at the expense of their life on the line.  By assisting their evacuation, we can more clearly and shrewdly realize that we have been going after convenience in exchange for lives of ourselves, our children and Mother Nature. That’s why those who speak for sustainability, peace and co-existence need to focus on this issue.

However, there is another side of this rights.  Mr Shira is severely impaired person. People like him were incapable of running away from the accident immediately.  To keep civilization and rights we made in tact, we have started to undermine dignity of human. ‘Human rights’ is not enough to reflect what is at stake here.  Although the media and public think that the radioactive can disable people, they don’t dare to refer to a word “disable person,” thereby putting the challenged people’s lives even deeper in to the trench. Sea, mountain, animals, and plants are destructed by the accident, so was the lives of the challenged.  We are well aware that this will initiate degradation of our dignity.

Rights of evacuation is about dignity of lives including us, human.  If it is tolerated in any form, this deforms and demeans existence of any creature.  Our looking-so-stable lives can be placed in harm’s way by the weakest link of our life.  That’s the reason why we need to heed what Mr Shirai has to say on story about dignity.


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